There's a new song uploaded

2013-01-21 01:25:28 by Rev-Deadlypudding

Bloody Tears. Believe it or not, I actually uploaded something. I wouldn't call it completely how I like it, but it'll do.

... they're rare (Sorry, been playing Minecraft).

Well my time is fairly limited, so I'll have to tell the unfortunate news that I don't know how much more I'll be updating my music here. I'm going to work hard to put up one new cover and at least one original song. I can't make guarantees but I'll definitely try.

All I can leave you guys with is some glimmer of hope, and a picture of two rednecks wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Updates are like diamonds...

Well I wanted to make a quick update on here as to what I'm doing now. In the past 6 months, my old laptop I did all of my recordings on crapped out so I had to get a brand new (but much better) laptop. That means if I redo any of my songs, it will be completely from scratch.

Recently, I've started playing with a couple of guys just doing covers and a few originals they wrote before I started jamming. One of the guys is going to hook me up with a copy of Acid pro or whatever it's called so I can start putting out better quality songs from now on, YAY! Also, better drum tracks, 2X yay!

Anyway, I have been throwing around the ideas for what I'll be recording in the future, and I have a few. Let me know if they sound interesting and the ones with the best response I will try and make a point to do them sometime.

The list:
Phoenix Wright: T&T - Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Phoenix Wright: AA - Cross Examination/Cornered! 2001 Medley
Phoenix Wright: AA - Detective Gumshoe/Core 2001 Medley
Mega Man 3 - Dr. Wily Castle Medley
Mega Man 3 - Title theme
Final Fantasy 7 - Aerith's Theme
No More Heroes - Main theme
Kirby's Dreamland - King Dedede
Kirby Medley
Team Fortress 2 theme

Last, but not least I do plan on recording at least one completely original piece to put on here so that will be my first order of business.

Update on my projects.

2009-05-13 12:49:46 by Rev-Deadlypudding

Well for starters, I never got a copy of the demo my band recorded so those songs will probably never get posted. Yeah it sucks pretty bad. We haven't even practiced in a month. Two of our members have kids (one of them even has another on the way), our guitarists works all the time, and I've been spending more time studying for my classes.

Our band does/did have a myspace here. We just never really use it anymore since:

1. We scrapped our old material and got a new singer since then.
2. We are/were going to change the name (good riddance).

But you guys are welcome to give our old stuff a listen.

As for me... I've been learning some Phoenix Wright music.

...maybe I'll do a cover...

New recordings, with full band coming this weekend!

2009-03-03 04:33:24 by Rev-Deadlypudding

Thats right, the new recordings will finally be done this weekend. The covers are:

1. Bush - Machinehead
2. Drivin' and Cryin' - Fly Me Courageous
3. Black Sabbath - N.I.B.

My band is:

Me: Bass Guitar
Lee: Lead Guitar
Brandon: Drums
Zack: Vocals

Our band is as of yet unnamed, but any serious suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE: We've recorded, and I'm waiting to get the songs so I can post them, should be just a few more days.

Due to a family tragedy that has befallen on our drummer, recording has been pushed back to a later date. Next week is likely though I won't know for sure until midway through this week.

New covers next week!

2009-02-16 19:09:58 by Rev-Deadlypudding

Next week I'll be posting brand-new never heard before covers of my other band I've not posted anything from yet. We'll be doing a short 3-song demo this Saturday that will be ready for upload that night, though I'll probably wait til Sunday.

My band will be doing "Machinehead" by Bush, "N.I.B." by Black Sabbath, and I think "Fly me Courageous" by Drivin' and Cryin'. I hope all my listeners enjoy the demo, be ready for it this weekend.

About a year ago I made a cover for Nine Inch Nail's "Closer". Frankly, I don't really like the song, but I always thought a cover with *er-hem* real instruments would be pretty cool. So I recorded a slightly metal cover of "Closer". Anyway, is there anyone that would like me to post it? I did the vocals in it (though I'm certainly not a singer). They ended up ok regardless. The first verse is a bit weak, the chorus is better, and I think the second verse is the best. I didn't do the vocals in the bridge since they're often overlooked anyway (plus when I did try it, fail ensued).

Well If you'd like to hear my interpretation of "Closer" leave me a comment. Hell, I may post it anyway just because I can.

Last song for a while.

2008-07-23 15:19:59 by Rev-Deadlypudding

Well, my former real band is back together and school starts back soon. So I probably won't be adding anything new for a while. Today I'm going to upload "Stickerbrush Symphony" which I am very nervous about. I hope you guys enjoy it. When ever I get back to recording, I'm going to attempt to fix the Chrono Trigger theme and work out a Super Metroid medley I've been off and on with. Anyway, enjoy the new song I hope.